Sunday, March 25, 2007

தெரிந்து கொள்வோமே !!! - வாஸ்து


1.வீட்டின் தென்கிழக்கு திசையில் இருக்கவேண்டியது எது?
2.வீட்டின் கிழக்கு திசையில் இருக்கவேண்டியது எது?
3.வீட்டின் தெற்கு திசையில் இருக்கவேண்டியது எது?
4.வீட்டின் மேற்கு திசையில் இருக்கவேண்டியது எது?
5.வீட்டின் வடக்கு திசையின் இருக்கவேண்டியது எது?
1. தென்கிழக்கு - சமையல் அறை
2. கிழக்கு - படிக்கும் அறை, நுழை வாயில்
3. தெற்கு - படுக்கையறை
4. மேற்கு - குழந்தைகள் படுக்கையறை (second bed room)
5. வடக்கு - பண்ம் சேமிப்பு அறை



TJ said...

1. Kitchen/Fireplace
2. Entrance/Hall
3. Dining/Toilets
4. Livingroom/AdditionalBedrooms
5. MoneySafe/Studyroom

Priya said...

sooperb tj!!
2. study roomumnu solraangale..
3. inga bedroomunmaame...any idea?

Priya said...

long time no see.. romba busyoo:)-
enaku puriyudhu

om tat sat said...

some titbits about origin of vasthupurushan.

According to the legends Lord Shiva invaded Andhakasura the demon king to safeguard the world from him. The sweat from his forehead took a giant form tried to occupy the whole world. The deities representing the various directions arrested him by sitting on his back. He prayed the lord who gave a boon to vaasthu purusha that inhabitants of any dwelling in the world should pray him and does not hurt him. It became the tradition later that all dwellers has to perform puja (pray) to Vaasthu purusha to lookafter the house at the starting of the construction

Priya said...

om tat sat,
nice to see u back!!
so, andhakasura is vastu purusha?
i din't get it!!

om tat sat said...

I guest the post was little unclear on the mythology of vasthupurushan.
Kindly read the one given below.

Andhakasura a very powerful giant (Rakshasa) had terrorized the Devtas. Finally Lord Shiva fought a battle with Andhakasura and killed him. During this battle Lord Shiva perspired heavily. Out of the sweat of Lord Shiva this Vastu purush came into form, immediately after his birth he started devouring anything and everything that came in his way due to which Devtas were very much afraid and prayed to Brahma for help. Braham advised Devtas to over power this demon and press him down (face down) into the earth and hold him there.

Accordingly 45 devtas hold this vastu purush putting his face down and lying on earth from North East to South West.

After the above incident vastupurush prayed to Braham dev for mercy in return Lord Braham blessed him and proclaimed that the construction on the earth will only be successful when the Vastu Purusha will be worshipped and respected in return the vastupurusha also promised to take care of the inmates of the house or the occupants of the land.

Vastu Purusha is a man lying with his back upside and bent and his head pointing North and East respectively. The direction allotted to the land and their utility represented by the body parts of the demon. The elbows point towards North-West and South East direction respectively. His knees are touching the elbows and are pointing the directions of the elbows only. His feet and soles are joined and are pointing jointly towards South-West direction. Naval part of the demon is imagined to be coinciding with the centre point of the land and is called Brahma Sthan the most auspicious space.


Priya said...

awesome om tat sat!!
thank you for taking pains to write so !!

ranjit kalidasan said...

One aanmeegam question.
Can navagrahas be worshipped at home? especially sani bhagavan?
Please let me know the answer

Priya said...

enaku therinju "nobody has navagraha idols and prays" But i dont have any concrete proof to say so!!

சரவணா..! said...

ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு உங்களோட

முதலில் நான் வாஸ்து எதிர்ப்பவன் அல்லன்.நாத்திகனும் இல்லை.
நிறைய கேள்வி கேட்பவன்.

நுழைவாயில்.சமையல்,படுக்கை அறை.சரி.மனிதன் உருவான காலத்தில்
பணமே கிடையாது.அதற்கும் வாஸ்துவுக்கும் எப்படி சம்பந்தம்.?

kari_the_sin said...

Hi Priya,
Its a long time since i have blogged. I just did not get time.
I got engaged recently. Would like to share the happy moments with you. Do visit my blog and view the snaps.
Will be posting at your blog soon...till then happy blogging...

Priya said...

i think indha vaastu ellam manushan koncham naagarigam vandha piragu munivargal kondu vandhaanga..

congrats.. photo paathen